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How to Remove a Google Review from a Google Business Profile?

Earning reviews on Google can be an extremely beneficial way for businesses to gain firsthand customer feedback. Additionally, reviews can boost a company’s reputation and help their search engine optimization (SEO).

However, there may be some instances where a specific Google Review needs to be removed. This article provides step-by-step instruction regarding how to either delete your own review or remove a review that was left by another person on your Google Business Profile (GBP).

What Type of Review Would You Like to Remove?

Select an option to jump to the instructions:

  1. Remove My Own Review About a Company
  2. Remove Someone Else’s Review About My Business

Can You Delete a Google Review?

You can delete a review that you wrote for another business.

You cannot delete someone else’s review a Google user left on your business profile. Instead, you must report the review to Google for them to review. To be deleted, the review must meet Google’s strict criteria for removal.

malicious review left on small business google business profile

How to Remove My Own Review About a Business

On occasion, you may want to remove a review that you left for a business that was either inaccurate, accidentally provided on the wrong business, or simply needs to be updated.

Thankfully, removing a review that you have left for a business is a relatively quick and simple process.

To remove your own review on a company’s Google Business Profile, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure you are logged into the Google Account which you used to leave a review.
  2. Navigate to in your internet browser.
  3. Click the hamburger menu (three lines) in the upper left-hand corner.
    Select “Your Contributions.”
    google review contributions
  4. Click the “Reviews” Tab
    1. If you do not see your review of interest in this step, you are signed into the wrong Google Account and must return to step 1.
  5. Click the three stacked dots next to your review.
    delete option on google review
  6. Click “Delete Review.”
    1. Keep in mind you can also update an existing review (including adding a photo) by clicking “Edit” instead.
  7. If you are sure you want to remove the review, click “Delete” on the confirmation screen.

Note that deleted reviews cannot be recovered, so be sure you truly want to delete the review instead of editing it.

How to Remove a Google Review from Your Google Business Profile

As a reminder, you cannot directly delete a review that someone else left on your Google Business Profile (GBP). Instead, you must report the review to Google’s team who will consider removing the review if it qualifies as prohibited and restricted content. You cannot simply remove a review because you do not like the content of the review.

Technically, the person leaving the review does not even have to be a customer! Check out our post on who is allowed to leave a Google review to learn more.

We recommend completing the steps below on a desktop/laptop computer instead of a smartphone. If you do use a smartphone the names/labels and locations of the steps will vary slightly.

To delete a Google Review on your business’ listing, follow the steps below:

  1. Before starting, read Google’s full list of Prohibited and Restricted content to determine in which way the Google review violates the above policies. If a policy violation is not found, do not continue to step 2.
  2. Ideally, login to Google with the same Google Account you use to manage the business.
  3. Navigate to your Google Business Profile via Google Search. You can type in your company name into the search bar to do so.
    1. Note that you may have to add your city or zip code after your name if you have a highly competitive name or have multiple locations.
  4. Click the Reviews option either within the dashboard icons or via the knowledge panel on the right-hand side of the screen.
  5. Find the Google Review you would like to report. It might be easiest to sort the reviews first by lowest rating to quickly navigate the malicious review.
  6. Click the Report a Review Icon which looks like a stop sign with an exclamation point.
    report a google review
    1. Note that this icon may look different depending on what device you are using to access the Google Reviews section.
  7. Select the correct policy violation for the review.
    google review policy violation
  8. Click Send Report.
  9. Click Done.

You will receive an email to the Google Account you are logged in within three business days according to Google. Note that, based on our experience, this time can take significantly longer. We recommend giving this process 1-2 weeks. If the review still does not get removed after the wait period, you can continue to the Google Review Appeal process described below.

Appeal a Rejected Google Review Removal Request (Advanced Options)

Occasionally, a policy-violating review will still not be removed through the above process. If that’s the case, you can check the status of the review and appeal Google’s decision. To do so, you can complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Confirm that you are logged into the Google account that manages your Google Business Profile.
  3. Select the correct business and click continue.
    1. If you manage a lot of businesses or locations, you can use either of the following commands in the search box “name:NAME OF BUSINESS” or “area:CITY NAME” – customizing the wording in all capital letters.
  4. Select check on the status of a reported review.
    1. Note that this tool can also be used to report a review.
  5. The system will say the status of the review if it has not been removed from your Google Business Profile.
  6. If the review shows that that the review has been reviewed by Google but does not have a policy violation, you can appeal the review.
  7. Click Appeal this Decision.
  8. Follow the onscreen steps to provide detailed information of why the review violates Google’s content policy guidelines.
  9. Once submitted, a ticket will be created with Google support. Write down the Case ID. Google will email you once they have reviewed the appeal.

If Google emails you and states that they have not found the review to be violating their terms, take another look at the guidelines. If you are 100% sure the review does violate the terms, you can navigate to the Google Business Community Forum.

This is a forum moderated by non-Google volunteers, called Google Product experts. You can create a post that lists the review and why you believe it violates the guidelines. The Google Product experts will give you a second, unbiased opinion on whether the review violates Google’s guidelines. If the Google Expert finds that the review in question does violate the guidelines, they can escalate the review for Google Support to take a look at. Note that this is not a full proof option, but it is a last resort to try.

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