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Web Design Services for Small Businesses

We tailor our web design services specifically for small businesses. Let our expert web designers create your affordable and effective home on the web!

Whether your company is looking to design your company’s first website from scratch, or you are ready to revamp and freshen up your old website, Igniting Business will tailor a solution that will suit your needs and your budget. Our web design company has designed hundreds of websites, ranging from simple informational sites that contain a few pages, to websites that utilize advanced web applications that drive massive online inventory systems, e-commerce, event management, project showcases, and more. Our team has worked with a large variety of client industries including professional services, construction, home services, software companies, and more.

Why Small Businesses Love Our Web Design Services

At Igniting Business, we believe in creating quality in everything we do! We specialize in web design specifically for small businesses to ensure we create quality and reliable websites that are truly tailored for the small business’ day-to-day operations and long-term growth needs. Below are just a few reasons our small business clients love working with us.

Customized Websites at Affordable Prices

Your website is designed from the ground up, specific to your needs. With your input, we implement tools and features that will help maximize the effectiveness of your small business website. However, we know that budget is always a concern for small businesses, so we utilize a feature-based pricing structure that allows you to customize your website’s functionality, while balancing the budget. Our goal is to build you an affordable website that generates leads, and, ultimately, customers for your company.

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Responsive Websites for Today’s Online Visitors

We build all our small business clients’ websites using responsive design in order to adapt the layout to various screen sizes and touch-based technology. As more people are turning to their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) for vendor research and online purchasing, it has become absolutely critical that your website be mobile ready. Over the past decade, search engines have continued to place more emphasis on mobile ready websites. In fact, Google has switched to a “Mobile First Index,” and mobile friendliness is a direct ranking factor for displaying in results. Having a mobile-ready website is extremely important as you want to create the best user experience for your customers, and search engines, like Google, reward this approach.

If you have not yet upgraded your website to be mobile friendly, we strongly encourage you to talk to a web designer as soon as possible. Creating a responsive website design does take more time for your web design company, but it should not be a daunting as the marketers make it sound.

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Our Trusted Web Design Process

1) Our Focus on Long-Term Success

We value building relationships, and our goal is that our small business clients see us as a trusted advisor throughout the entire web design process. Our approach is to understand your immediate needs, but also examine the long-term growth requirements of your online presence. As such, we will always focus on what is truly best for your small business.

2) Initial Meeting and Proposal Process

The first step in our design process is to sit down with our web designers for a free consultation to find out more about your business and its needs and vision for the website. When brainstorming ideas, we encourage clients to not only ask about what they think is typical for a website, but to instead consider their website as a functional employee that can perform business functions. From the initial meeting we will develop a detailed and flexible proposal that meets both your needs and budget. There is no obligation with the meeting, and our standard proposals are provided free of charge.

3) Prep Work and Design Kickoff Meeting

After our web design proposal is accepted, we strive to continue making the process smooth and easy for our small business clients. We recognize your time is valuable! To walk you through prepping website content and providing details to configure your website, our team will provide customized Content Creation and Features Details guides. However, if you would prefer our assistance writing your content, we also offer copywriting services. Once both guides are finalized, our team will meet with your small business to learn more about your design preferences, known as our design kickoff meeting. The design kickoff meeting allows our team to better understand your desires and preferences, leading to a finished website that best matches your small business’ personality and brand.

4) Bringing Your Website to Life

After the meeting, your hard work is done, and the real fun begins! Relax and enjoy watching your website come alive. Our team will build out the website and allow you to select a design from one of two live mockups. We then build the website pages and features, integrating your review and input throughout the process.

Our Amazing Ongoing Support and Additional Services

Building your website is only the beginning! Our small business clients appreciate that we continue to remain a trusted advisor as their business evolves and needs change. At Igniting Business, we’ve specifically tailored our list of additional services to match the needs of our small business clients. We aim to take the stress out of your digital marketing efforts. Whether you’re worried about the security of your website or how to create online ads for your company – or any other digital marketing effort – turn to our team to navigate the process for you in a thorough and timely manner. Never again will you wait 2+ weeks for a half-answered response from your web design team!

Additional Web Development Services

Ensuring your team can easily update the website and that it remains secure is of utmost importance to Igniting Business. Check out more information about our post-launch web development services below:

Website Security

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Website Hosting

Additional Services to Enhance Your Small Business Presence

We recognize its vital that searchers be able to find your small business when they’re looking for you or your products and services. Building your brand in search engines and across digital platforms shouldn’t be a worry you carry alone. Check out more information about our ongoing services that can help build your online presence now that you have an amazing new website.

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Blogging Services
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Online Advertising
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Email Marketing

Ready to Begin Your Small Business Website Design Process?

We’re so excited and honored to work with your small business! If you are interested in an initial consultation, please contact us. We will then connect you with our web design team. If you still need convincing, check out some of our client reviews. We think they tell it best, and we value their feedback!

Don't Have the Budget to Hire a Professional Web Designer?

We understand that hiring a professional website designer to design and create your online presence can be an expensive investment. As such, if you're a do-it-yourselfer and need a DIY starting point, feel free to check out our resources page for recommended tools.