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Blogging Services

Blogging is an essential tool to boost your company's online presence and demonstrate your industry expertise. Our Blogging Services takes the work out of creating content.

How Can Blogging Help Your Business?

Many small business owners do not realize that having a website is not enough to grow your network and showcase abilities effectively. Customers are also looking for a company that consistently provides useful insight on industry trends and how it impacts their business. Regularly blogging is an excellent way to build your online credibility. A blog can be about promoting an event or product, recognizing staff achievements, sharing tips and tricks about industry, or even humorously showing your company’s culture. Posting valuable and informative content is one of the best ways to get current and new customers to visit your website. We understand that blogging takes time and you are certainly busy; so, we have created a solution that handles the entire blogging process.

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By joining forces with a third-party team of professional writers, Igniting Business offers our clients a unique blogging service that will improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings and relationships with your target audience. The best part about it? You don’t have to worry about a thing!

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Blog Writing Package Details

What Does the Blog Package Include?

  • 4 professionally written articles per month. Need more blog posts per month? Not a problem! We will tailor a packge that works for you.
  • Custom topics based on your industry and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) goals.
  • One high-quality image that correlates with the blog content for each post.
  • Blog posts added directly to your website for convenience and time-savings.

Benefits of Our Blog Subscription

  • Interact with current customers and showcase expertise to potential customers, while adding a personal touch to your online presence.
  • Easily share your blog on social media, newsletters, or any other marketing collateral.
  • Keep your website current, relevant, and increase your SEO rank.
  • Establish your business as an industry leader and build trust by providing expert content.

Optional Blog Package Add-Ons

  • Posting of blog on social media platforms and social media management tool setup - Includes posting each blog on up to three platforms and setting up and connecting those platforms to the social media management tool.
  • Monthly Newsletter - Includes creation and sending of a monthly email newsletter containing blog teasers, calls-to-action, and additional content provided directly by the client. MailChimp account, templates, and lists must be previously created and ready to use. We can assist with MailChimp setup as needed.

How Does It Work?

Making weekly blog posts a part of your marketing strategy gives your business the chance to be easily accessed online via targeted keywords. After the overall theme has been chosen, our team works with our writers to generate the content, followed by an approval process. The blog will be branded in your company’s name, paired with a relevant picture, optimized for search engines, and posted directly to your website. The bottomline goal: we do all the heavy-lifting, and you reap the benefits of regularly blogging. If you're interested in learning more about our blogging services, please contact us for more information.

Ready to Boost Your SEO and Credibility with Blogging?

Reach out to our team of blogging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists to get started. We would be happy to learn more about your company and your SEO goals. Contact us for a free consultation.

Don't Have the Budget to Outsource Your Blogging?

We understand that outsourcing your blog writing can be an investment. If you're willing to blog directly, we applaud you! To help you along, feel free to browse our recommended tools or view our posts on blogging and SEO.