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Web Design and Maintenance Services for Small Businesses

Igniting Business offers a wide array of web design, development, and management services specifically geared towards helping small businesses create a powerful and visible online presence.

Designing a Solid Website Foundation

At Igniting Business, we believe your small business website serves as the foundation to your online presence. All other online marketing efforts (targeted ads, social media, etc.) will likely be futile without a solid website to drive your customers back to so they can learn more about your business, your products or services, and how to get started with your business. Your website also provides credibility for your small business and allows you to showcase your expertise. It is no question - a website is fundamental for your marketing strategy. As such, at Igniting Business, we cater our website services to provide a small business website you can be proud of for years to come in all your marketing efforts!

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Our Small Business Web Development Services

Click on any of our web design services below to learn more about each website service.

  • Website Design

    Is your small business ready to create your first website, or are you looking to refresh your current web presence? Either way, Igniting Business’ web designers are excited to provide quality website design services to build the perfect website for your company. Learn more about our responsive websites and trusted web design process.

    Learn About Our Website Design

  • E-Commerce Systems

    Do you already sell products online or want to start selling products (or services!) on your website? At Igniting Business, we are an official Shopify Partner allowing our team to build robust, beautiful small business e-commerce websites powered by Shopify. Whether your current e-commerce system is lacking functionality, or you are just getting started selling products, we can design an e-commerce website that will represent your company’s brand and streamline your e-commerce operations. Learn more about our partnership with Shopify and our design process.

    Explore Our E-Commerce Systems

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

    Having trouble updating your website? Or do you have to reach out to your current developer every time you want to tweak even one word on your website? At Igniting Business, we believe those delays and costs are frustrating to any small business. We build our clients’ websites on the powerful and flexible Joomla! CMS, allowing our clients to easily update their website’s content on a day-to-day basis. Learn more about the benefits of a content management system.

    Update Content with a CMS

  • Web Hosting

    Does your website load slowly or become inaccessible at times? A beautiful website is only as good as the server it is hosted on. At Igniting Business, we host our client websites on high-quality, premium servers to ensure our clients’ websites operate at ultimate performance. We invest time and money into ensuring our servers remain updated with the latest reliable technologies. We also maintain the servers on a day-to-day basis, so you never have to worry about your website’s hosting environment! Learn more about our web hosting options.

    Host Your Website

  • Web Security

    When is the last time you updated the plugins, extensions, or coding on your website? What about performing a vulnerability scan? If the answer is never or quite a while ago, your website is likely at risk for a major breach. At Igniting Business, we believe regular updating of coding and features is vital to the security of your small business website and visitors. Additionally, there are many mechanisms that can be put in place to further secure and protect your website and visitors. While we cannot guarantee you will never be attacked, our team drastically reduces the risk of a breach and is also readily available to assist with any security breaches if they arise. Learn more about our web security services and packages.

    Protect Your Website

Integrating Our Mission and Our Values into Our Website Services

Our mission of helping small businesses succeed by building strong relationships and trust with our clients through quality in everything we do and our values below impact each website service we offer at Igniting Business. We believe integrating our mission and our values into our services allows our team to provide our small business clients the highest quality website for their business venture.

Building Relationships

Through our customized, robust website design process we aim to truly learn about your small business and your web design and maintenance needs. During every step of the design process and into the hosting and security stage of a website, our web designers and SEO experts strive to be your trusted advisor. Our web experts enable your team to make the best possible website decisions so your small business can truly shine!

Leading with Integrity

We will never sacrifice quality or integrity to simply increase our bottom line. We have tailored our website design proposal and contracts, design process, hosting, and security to ensure your company receives a high-quality website you can be proud of at your small business! Our web designers only use tools and practices for your small business website that we believe will be in the best interest of your company and long-term growth.

Practicing a Lifestyle of Learning

We love learning at Igniting Business! Our team practices a habit of daily reading, testing, and research so each website we design will remain in line with best practices and standards. We integrate client preferences in conjunction with our knowledge and research of trending styles to ensure your small business website will remain both beautiful and functional for years to come.

Ready to Build Your Powerful and Effective Website?

Whether you're ready to discuss building your first website or redesiging your existing online presence, we are here to help! Reach out to our team of web designers today, and we will schedule your initial consultation!

Don't Have the Budget to Hire a Professional Web Designer?

We know a powerful and sleek website is not always in a small business' budget. As such, if you're a do-it-yourselfer and need a place to start your web presence, check out our recommended web design tools.