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About Igniting Business

We appreciate that you are interested in learning more about our company. We hope the following page provides insight into the reason for our company's existince and our guiding principles.

Why "Igniting Business?"

One might ask why is your company called "Igniting Business?" We feel that small businesses often have trouble getting that initial push or next step that unlocks significant growth. That step may exist in the form of rebranding the company, finding and implementing online marketing strategies that truly target the right customers in a cost-effective manner, or even setting up an e-commerce website to sell their product. Whatever the case may be, Igniting Business would like to serve as the spark that ignites your business into the next phase of growth.

How We Began

The founder of Igniting Business, Ben Seidel, is a web developer and marketing fanatic who began creating websites for corporate clients while still in his teenage years. As Ben developed websites for small businesses, he found that these companies needed affordable and professional Web Design, SEO Services, and Marketing that they could trust. Most of these small businesses were overlooked by web, SEO, and marketing firms due to their small size and limited budgets. To meet the growing needs of Ben’s clients and by applying both his experience in technology and education in marketing and economics, Ben envisioned Igniting Business. In January of 2012, Igniting Business was officially recognized by the state of Missouri as a company offering Web Design, SEO Services, and Marketing specifically geared towards helping small businesses succeed.

Ben and Caitlin Seidel at Igniting Business Office

Building Quality at Igniting Business

By applying hard work and reliable customer service, we created great success in the mid-Missouri market. We also saw demand for our services grow outside of Mid-Missouri as we picked up clients in both in St. Louis and Kansas City, as well as across the entire nation. Located out of our Lee’s Summit, MO (Kansas City metro area) office, we now serve clients all over the nation stretching from Juneau, Alaska, to Washington DC. In fact, we’ve worked with clients across 24 different states!

Over the years, we’ve integrated tools, systems, and processes into our work to ensure we’re always providing the highest quality service for our small business clients. You’ll often find us researching newest tools and trends to see how our clients can benefit from the evolution of technology and online marketing.

Our Mission at Igniting Business

Helping small businesses succeed by building strong relationships and trust with our clients through quality in everything we do.

Our Values

Building Relationships

We put people first. Our clients, their customers, and the community in which we reside are the focus of our efforts. Without healthy relationships, ethical and successful business transactions cannot occur. When we work with our clients, we strive to be their trusted advisor for all online efforts – not merely a third-party vendor you often forget about except when it comes time to pay the bills. As your trusted advisor, we are able to provide a higher quality service and serve as a valued resource for your small business when it comes to making decisions about your online efforts.

Leading with Integrity

We strive to be the leader in our industry when it comes to knowing and practicing the best and most ethical web, SEO, and marketing techniques. We will not compromise our integrity for "getting ahead," nor will we sacrifice quality for simply increasing our bottom line. Because we build strong relationships with our clients, we’re not afraid to explain when an idea or proposed path isn’t in the best interest of our client. In fact, you can rest assured, that we will push for the best possible long-term solution every time for you, as our client, to ensure the highest level of integrity and quality.

Practicing a Lifestyle of Learning

We believe that learning does not stop with a college degree, nor does a college degree determine the value of a person's skills. At Igniting Business, we utilize college classes as well as paid professional training courses and seminars to keep our skills up to date. We also practice a habit of daily reading, research, and experimentation to ensure we’re staying up to date on the latest trends in web, SEO, and marketing. We believe a lifestyle of learning seeps even into our own internal toolsets and processes, so we’re often tweaking our own way of doing things to continue learning and evolving. Through new research, tools, and processes, we are able to provide the best work product for your small business.

Igniting Business - Today and Into the Future

Igniting Business is currently owned and operated by Ben Seidel (CEO & Founder) and his wife, Caitlin Seidel, CPA (CFO & Co-Owner). We believe that our calling is to help small businesses grow and we spend each day working to fulfill that calling. We have been blessed throughout our history to have supportive and trusting team members, clients, family, and friends. We truly believe God has blessed our lives and our company and has his sovereign hand over the path on which we are journeying.

We have big dreams for Igniting Business. But they all boil down to one thing: Be a faithful servant of God. Through our servanthood and focus on quality, we hope to help small businesses in America succeed. Wherever God may lead our company, we thank all of those involved in our history for your generous support.

Located in Kansas City and Serving Clients Nationally

The following map shows states Igniting Business has completed projects for our incredible clients.

state map showing where Igniting Business has worked with clients

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