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Why Consistent Company Branding is Vital

Consistent Branding

Undeniably, consumers have moved to an online world. The internet is where they shop, search for information, engage with their friends, and interact with businesses. There are countless places where a brand can have a presence online (and offline!). It’s critically important that the customer has a seamless experience whether they are searching on your website, calling customer support, or leaving a comment on Facebook. The following are five branding pieces to keep consistent throughout the web.

Company Logo and Colors, and Imagery

If your company is active across several corners of the web (website, social media, advertising, review sites, community forums, etc.), it’s important that the user can easily recognize your business. Keep your logo elements, logo dimensions, and brand colors identical across platforms. Help your company stand out by using a creative, high-quality logo across all platforms.

If your small business originally started with a basic or self-created logo out of necessity, it might be time for a brand refresh. Consider using a tool like 99designs to run a logo design contest where you can receive multiple logo design revisions and pick the one you like best! This same process also works for designing print marketing materials, but make sure you have your logo and brand guide completed first.

Branding Images

In addition, if there are certain images that you associate with your company, keep these consistent and high-quality across your website, social media platforms, and business directory listings to help the user have a consistent impression. Where possible, try to use high-quality, original images that are unique to your business.

However, if you cannot easily capture quality original images, make sure you find images from a quality stock photography source that provides royalty-free commercial use. Our favorite stock photography provider is Adobe Stock. You can search millions of images for just about any industry. As a pro tip, you can even search Adobe Stock for images that match or complement your brand colors! Give it a spin; you can claim 10 free Adobe Stock images here.

Wording and Attitude

Customers go online to learn more about companies and often do a bit of background research before engaging with you directly. Each company has their own perspective and attitude, which requires extra effort to display this personality online. If your business is playful and quirky, make sure that attitude is expressed on the website and social media. Conversely, if your business is serious and insanely competitive, let that shine through.

Customers want to “get to know” your brand, so help them meet the real you by accurately portraying your business’ voice. Social media is an especially important place to ensure your messaging is consistent with the company image. People expect a more personal approach on these platforms, and you can deliver by being authentic and engaging with your messaging.

Offline Print Materials

Don’t neglect your offline brand! Your print marketing materials, whether they be business cards, brochures, or unique promotional items, must be consistent and high-quality. The quality of your print materials often serves as a first impression and can set the tone for your company’s perceived value.

Don’t let outdated print materials (e.g. incorrect info, old graphics/logo, etc.) set you back. Thankfully, the cost of print materials has come down drastically due to online print shops like VistaPrint making it easier then ever to design and print high quality marketing materials. As a bonus tip, if you go to VistaPrint, always check for promotions before you checkout, as they usually are running some sort of discount for new customers or coupon codes for specialized products.

Customer Service

By far the most important, but often neglected, part of your brand is Customer Service. Customer service is a huge aspect of how your company is branded and perceived, and it’s important to give customers a superior experience whether they are on your website, leaving a review on Google, or commenting on your social media page.

Customer service is extremely important to the modern-day consumer, and online platforms give businesses the chance to thank customers or help fix a negative situation. These customer comments, reviews, suggestions, or complaints should never be ignored.

One answered complaint could mean the difference between a repeat customer and a lost sale. Additionally, many users search for negative experiences with your company before making a purchasing decision. They look to see how the brand responded to a negative review or feedback. As such, every complaint or negative experience should be seen as an opportunity to improve and impress via superior customer service.

Schedule regular time for replying to each customer’s comments and concerns – showing them how much your company cares. Ensure your customer service team is empowered to make it right.

How Are You Going to Improve Your Brand’s Image?

These are just a few of the many important pieces to a company’s image. Help customers have a consistent online experience with your brand by following these recommendations.

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